WELCOME to GAYDARtheMovie.com!

WELCOME to the Land of GAYDAR!

I would like to welcome you to my little GAYDAR hangout!

GaydarTheMove.com is a site that has been created to honor the short film, GAYDAR, for THREE reasons:

1) It is a well-made, FUNNY film that can be enjoyed during a 30-minute, lunch break, if you want!

2) It does not bash gays OR straight people, but allows us all to share in the lighter side of the gay culture (Gays are real people, folks!).

3) This film was the LAST on-screen appearance of the great Charles Nelson Reilly (CNR), before his transition in 2007.

As an aside, I learned (in a recent and brief conversation with the star of this movie, Terry Ray (no relation), that CNR was his personal, acting teacher. How cool is that? Terry is an awesome actor, a totally FUN guy, and he obviously learned from one of the BEST in Hollywood!

We will be adding BIO’s of the actors in the film, as well as anything else we can find about the movie, so that we can KEEP THE GAYDAR DREAM ALIVE!

Enjoy your visit and HAVE FUN!



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